Tuesday, 15 June 2010 10:15

RPC Client Access Service Exchange 2010

Now most of us are aware some new very interesting features of Exchange 2010 including the DAG, Mail Tips, and Transport shadow server etc.  Here I have tried to explain how client access server works in exchange 2010 as middle tier.

In Exchange 2007 the CAS server provides a connection end point for all the client requests except for MAPI (outlook) and Entourage. This helped in improving the processing handled by the back end mailbox servers in turn improving the performance. In Exchange 2010 CAS design Microsoft has introduced a new service called RPC client access service. This intern moves all the RPC and directory (AD query) client access connection to middle tier CAS. So, now onwards MAPI clients no longer connects a mailbox server to open the mailbox and will use the RPC client access service in CAS server to connect to AD and Exchange mailbox server. For directory information they talks to NSPI (Name Service Provider Interface) end point on CAS server, which replaces the DSProxy component (this change has first introduced in exchange 2007).

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