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Exchange 2010 SP3 is expected in First half of Year 2013, important for Coexistence!

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MS has recently announced that the Exchange 2010 SP3 is expected to be available by the first half of year 2013, which will be shipped mainly with the below additional support,

    • Coexistence with Exchange Server 2013: - As we all know, the current released exchange 2010 does not have the support for the coexistence with Exchange 2013 server. So if you wish to introduce the Exchange 2013 into your Exchange 2010 infra, you need to have the SP3 installed.
    • Support for Windows Server 2012:- You can plan the installation of Exchange 2010 (currently it supported on Windows 2008) on Windows 2012 server with the SP3 version.

Apart from these, of course as normal it will include many fixes for bugs reported etc.Not only the fixes, the it will also contain all rollups released prior to the release date of SP3.

To add to this, MS also informs that there will be modification (update) to the AD schema and the information about that will be delivered in advance to plan for the Exchange 2010 SP3 upgrade. There is also a hind that Exchange 2013 will only coexist with Exchange 2010 and 2007, so we may also expect some changes to Exchange 2007 as well while the 2003 is currently out of question unless some solid update from MS.


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