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Exchange 2007 SP3 S/MIME MisMatch

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Hope you all would have planned to upgrade your Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2007 SP3. In this post I would like to inform you one of the issues reported.

In Exchange 2007 SP3, there is a mismatch between OWA (Outlook Web Access) S/MIME control. An active X component provides the S/MIME support in OWA. So, after you upgrade the exchange 2007 with SP3, the user will be prompted to install the upgraded version of the control into their client computers. The mechanism works in this way, the code checks the ‘Version’ of the client S/MIME control (MIMECTL.DLL) in end user’s computer with the ProductVersion of MSI file (OWASMIME.MSI) on the CAS server. During the SP3 release, the version of the MSI has incremented to However, the DLL in MSI retained to the old one ( So even though the client has updated the S/MIME version it will still prompt them to install the latest version (in IE browser).


Fix it easily using one of the below solutions:

  1. Download and run the PatchMSIProductVersion.vbs script which changes the version number. Note, the download is named PatchMSIProductVersion.vbs_txt. Remove the _txt from the file extension before running it.
  2. If you have the Orca.exe utility, you can change the version number of the \Microsoft\Exchange Server\ClientAccess\Owa\smime\owasmime.msi file from to

Restart you IIS, use the IISReset cmdlet.

So plan your deployment!

Ref - Exchange 2007 SP3 and OWA S/MIME Version Mismatch


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