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How to Export/Import RemoteIPRanges from Receive Connectors on Exchange 2007/2010/2013 Servers

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As you aware, the receive connectors are created on server identity, and we might end up in creating similar receive connector in multiple servers for redundancy/disaster recovery purposes. You can easily export and import the RemoteIPRages from one connector to other by just following the following simple steps,

First of all, create the receive connector on the server where you want to import the RemoteIPRanges (relay IPs). Ensure you do the necessary settings for the receive connector properties, as we only import the remoteIPRanges not all configurations’.

new-ReceiveConnector -Name 'connector_name' -Usage 'Custom' -Bindings '' -RemoteIPRanges 'x.x.x.x' -Server 'new_server_name'

Now, we have to export the RemoteIPRanges values from the other server that we need to import to this newly created receive connector.

Get-ReceiveConnector "EXH2\ connector_name" | fl remote*


If the result is truncated as seen in the above figure, you can set the value $FormatEnumerationLimit to display the complete list. The default value for this variable is 16. Set the value to a higher limit, or as shown below to get the complete list.

$FormatEnumerationLimit =-1


Now execute the Get-ReceiveConnector "EXH2\ connector_name" | fl remote* cmdlet to get the complete the list of IP addresses allowed for realy.


Copy the details into a notepad and format it by removing any additional space between the coma and the next IP address. This will look like below,,,

The input value also can contain the ranges as you may noticed, not only single IP addresses. Now you all set to import the data to the newly created Receive Connector, execute the below command (in the snapshot, I used separated IP ranges).

Set-ReceiveConnector -Identity "EXHDR1\ connector_name" –RemoteIPRanges,,


That’s it, you have now imported the complete list of relay IPs to the newly created receive connector. This way is really useful when you have more number of IPs individually allowed to relay emails through a receive connector.



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