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iOS 6.1 overloading Exchange Servers - excessive transaction log growth - Fix

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As per the updates from various sources, the iOS 6.1 version creates issues with Exchange Server, as it overloads the Exchange Server 2010. According to the latest updates, apple and Microsoft are currently working towards an update to workaround this issue.

This issue looks to have some relation with earlier reported meeting hijacking, as it has turned out to be happening when Apple users process their calendar updates using their iPAD or iPhone.

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Rapid growth in transaction logs, CPU use, and memory consumption in Exchange Server 2010 when a user syncs a mailbox by using an iOS 6.1-based device

Apple iOS 6.1 upgrades result in excessive transaction log growth

Request the users not to update the new version until Apple and MS are coming up with a fix.

Update: (14- Feb-2013)

Apple has acknowledge the bug, iOS 6.1: Excess Exchange activity after accepting an exception to recurring calendar event

When you respond to an exception to a recurring calendar event with a Microsoft Exchange account on a device running iOS 6.1, the device may begin to generate excessive communication with Microsoft Exchange Server, they also have suggested a workaround,

Apple has identified a fix and will make it available in an upcoming software update. In the meantime, you can avoid this bug by not responding to an exception to a recurring event on your iOS device. If you do experience the symptoms described above, disable then reenable the Exchange calendar on your iOS device using the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Select the Exchange account from your Accounts list.
  3. Turn the switch for Calendars to OFF.
  4. Wait ten seconds.
  5. Turn the switch for Calendars back to ON.

Hope this helps.

Update: (19 - Feb - 2013)

iOS 6.1.2 Software Update

Fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity


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