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Failed to determine the mount status of the active database copy - DAG DB Mount Issue

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You may see the databases dismounted after you restarted the member server of a DAG (mostly when you only have 2 copies of databases). And if you try to mount the database, it will through the below error.

Microsoft Exchange Error
Failed to mount database 'Mailbox Database 0834974974'.
Mailbox Database 0834974974
Database 'Mailbox Database 0834974974' can't be mounted on server 'EXH1.exchangedictionary.local' due to a previous error: Failed to determine the mount status of the active database copy. Verify that the underlying cause of the error has been corrected before attempting to mount the database. The error can be ignored and the mount allowed if Mount-Database is reissued with the -Force switch.


As mentioned in the error, it is better try to fix the underlying cause, before you forcefully mount the database.
      • Ensure that the cluster service is up and running
      • Ensure that the DAG members are able to communicate each other, using the replication network (incase if you have replication and MAPI network).
      • Ensure the File Witness is reachable to the server
Mostly, any failure on above checks can lead to this issue, fix the cause and try to mount the database.

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