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The website cannot be found, TMG 2010 OWA Publishing

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You may recieve the below error when try to access the OWA (Outlook Web App) published through Microsoft TMG 2010. The Outlook Web App (OWA) login page will appear without an issue, but after providing the username and password you will recieve website can not be found error.

The website cannot be found

Technical Information (for support personal)

Error Code 11001: host not found

Background: This error indicates that the gateway or proxy server could not find the IP address of an upstream server.


How to Fix:

As the error indicates, this issues happens because the TMG server unable to reach the exchange server. It mostly related to the DNS resolution issue as you might have given the Exchange Server name in "this rule applies to this published site" section in "To" tab of the publishing policy.

To verify the error is due to it, try testing the publishing rule

  1. Logon to TMG Server and open the properties of the OWA publishing rule, and then click on Test Rule button on the botton left corner.
  2. If the test is failed for all, then try to ping the internal Exchange CAS server and see if the TMG can reach it. If the ping result did not resolve to the correct IP verify your DNS configuration and ensure that it is pointing to the correct internal DNS servers.
  3. Try to resolve the internal CAS server from TMG after correcting any DNS resolution issue, and test the rule. It should work fine now.

You may also create a host file entry to resolve the issue quickly, before you fix any major DNS issues resolution between TMG and internal DNS servers(due to any firewall/network configs).

Ensure that all the required ports are allowed and no network configurations are changes between TMG and Internal Exchange CAS as normally the TMG sits in the DMZ network.


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